Grief Counseling

We have setup a local professional counselor network in the Roanoke, Virginia area and will offer this service at NO COST to bereaved parents who have recently lost a baby.

Grief Care Packets

These care packets include Christian based grief books and literature that we found invaluable during our grieving process.

Cemetery Markers/ Cremation Urns

   (Click here to view/print application to obtain marker)

This service is available to families in Virginia with financial needs (application required) and is based on our availability of funds, financial hardship of the family, and the age of the baby at time of death.  We will cover the entire cost of the cemetery marker (including installation) or the cremation urn for bereaved parents who have lost a baby from 20 weeks gestation to 12 months of age.  Emmy Lane Foundation will deal directly with our supplier and the cemetery; therefore, funds will not be passed through the family.

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(We are not able to provide any of the services above for babies who were selectively terminated, nor are we able to assist families with a loss under 20 weeks gestation or over 12 months of age)