Emmy’s Story

In August 2011, we were overjoyed to learn that we were expecting a new little life into our family.  But several months later, that joy turned to great uncertainty and fear when our baby girl was diagnosed by amniocentesis with a rare and fatal condition called Trisomy 18.  Babies with T18 have an extra copy of the #18 chromosome throughout every cell of their bodies, which causes severe abnormalities, both physically and mentally.  We learned that 90% of babies with her condition die within the first year of life.  Needless to say, we were devastated.

We were given our options by the doctors on how to proceed with our pregnancy and the precious life we had created.  After much prayer, we decided to walk with the Lord and carry her, leaving her fate in His hands.  Over the next four months we prayed that God would allow us the opportunity to meet our little blessing and give us enough time to hold her and tell her how much she is so loved, as we knew that only 50% of babies with T18 make it to birth.

God is good!  April 10, 2012 arrived and Emerson Lane Cecil graced us with her presence at 3lbs 14oz at full term.  She went straight from Mommy’s womb to Daddy’s arms just-a-cryin’… it was music to our ears!  Her lungs were strong and her heart was stronger.  She stayed awake and alert the entire time as family and friends made their way into the room to meet this amazingly strong little girl.  Unfortunately, Emerson suffered from apnea, which ultimately took her life… her little brain simply forgot to remind her to breathe.  God blessed us with nearly seven unforgettable hours to show Emmy His love.  God’s love is all she knew for her short time on this earth, as the room was filled with His love all the way up until she peacefully took her last breath.  We miss her terribly, but are comforted in knowing that He had other plans for her.  So as we tell her big brother, Cole, we went to the hospital to have a baby, but had an angel instead.  We call it Emmy’s day.

Matt and Ashley Cecil

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